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Ven Aparale Soratha Thera

Venerable Aparale Soratha Thero arrived in Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Canberra in October 2019 and since then Ven Soratha has been serving the Canberra community as the chief resident monk while initiating and conducting various religious activities. Prior to that Ven Soratha Thero visited the temple on two occasions, kindly accepting short term invitations from the Australia Sri Lanka Buddhist Association (ASLBA) to serve the Buddhist community in Canberra.

During the current tenure as the chief resident monk, Ven Soratha Thero has contributed significantly to the Buddhist community in Canberra and surrounding areas through well-structured and informative religious programs introduced, developed, and delivered while carrying out the regular religious activities which have been well received and highly commended by devotees and well-wishers of Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara. Introducing a new curriculum for the Dhamma and Language School, conducting weekly meditation programs and Dhamma discussion programs are some of the services rendered by Ven Soratha Thero. These programs are well attended by devotees within and outside Australia either in person or via Zoom technology. Ven Soratha Thero also conducts regular meditation programs and meditation retreats to devotees.

Ven Soratha thero obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts specializing in Buddhism from Sri Jayawardenapura University in Sri Lanka. This degree also consisted of Psychology and Buddhist Philosophy. Ven Soratha Thero is currently reading for his Masters degree at Kelaniya University in Sri Lanka.  His master thesis is based on a study related to Sri Lankan students living in Australia and their practicing Buddhism and associated factors. This Masters Degree also included International Buddhism and advanced Buddhist Philosophy.

Ven Soratha Thero ordained in 2000 and has been serving as a Buddhist monk for the last 23 years and Thero has over 20 years of experience in preaching Dhamma and over 15 years of experience in teaching Buddhism and Vipassana meditation.