The Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara in Canberra has been built and maintained entirely thanks to donations from the community and individuals. These donations continue to be the key source of funding for the Vihara and the multifaceted services that it provides to the community. All future enhancements to the Vihara and its premises and provision of services also depend on continued donations from the community. Therefore the importance of donations to the continued viability of the Vihara cannot be over-emphasised. Regardless of where you are, and whether the amount you wish to donate is large or small the Vihara welcomes your donation.

How to Donate

If you wish to donate to the Vihara , this can be done in several ways.

Electronic Transfer: Donations can be made by direct transfer to the ASLBA account:

Bank Details:

National Australia Bank

Account Name: Australia Sri Lanka Buddhist Association Of Canberra

BSB Number: 082968

Account Number: 796287114

If you make a direct debit, please make sure to include your full name or telephone number in the reference box, so that a receipt can be issued.

Several devotees who donate have chosen to make regular (e.g. monthly/fortnightly) direct debits via electronic transfer. You may find this method of donating suitable.

Cash donations: Cash donations can also be made at the Vihara using special envelopes provided for this purpose. Please provide the information such as your name and address sought on the printed envelope, enclose donation and seal the envelope before placing it in the donation box provided. The information that you provide on the printed envelope will enable the Treasurer to issue you with a receipt. If you provide the email address, a scanned copy of can be emailed to your nominated email address. Please note all donations to the ASLBA Library Trust Fund are tax deductible. Many devotees chose to make their donations towards the end of financial year in order to receive their deductions at Tax time.