Dhamma & Sinhala Language School of Canberra

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In 1991, few Sri Lankan parents started the Sunday School in Canberra to teach Sinhala language and Buddhism to their children. When the School commenced, there were only a few students without a permanent place to conduct classes using the Lyneham and Laos Buddhist temples. Since 1996, once the Sri Lankan temple in Kambah was commissioned, the Sunday School too functioned there.


At present we have more than 100 students enrolled in our school. We teach Sinhala language and Buddhism. Enrolments are open for any one who is interested in learning the Sinhala language or Buddhism.

The School that is held on Saturday starts at 2:30 pm and closes at 5:45 pm. Each class is 60 minutes long. There is a 15 minutes break in between Buddhism class and language class. During the break students are provided with refreshments that include biscuits and fruit juice.

Sinhala Language Classes

There are 4 Sinhala language classes. These classes are organized depending on student’s ability in Sinhala language. Class 1 is the entry level for Sinhala language.

Buddhism (Dhamma) Classes

We conduct 4 Buddhism classes depending on the student’s ability. Usually Buddhism classes are conducted in English.

Our Teachers

We have well educated and experienced pool of volunteers teaching Sinhala language and Buddhism.

School Program and Terms

We have 4 school terms parallel with the Canberra school calendar.

Annual Concert

The Annual concert is one of our major events in our school. Annual concert is usually held in the 4th term of the school. Students get the opportunity to show their talents and display what they learn from school during this concert.

School Magazine (Lama Kalamba)

Our school produces a magazine every year that is part of our learning activity where students can publish their letters, stories, poems, drawings etc.

Participation in Multicultural activities

Our students actively participate in various ways in multicultural festivals and functions organised by the ACT Ethnic School Association.

School Admission

Students allocate to classes according to their grade in ACT school

Class 1 : Pre-school – Year 2 Students
Class 2 : Year 3 and 4 Students
Class 3 : Year 5 and 6 Students
Class 4 : Year 7+ Students

Guidelines and Responsibilities for students and parents can be viewed below.